As lawyers, we know it’s important that you acquire high-quality leads. That’s why we specialize in highly-targeted digital marketing solutions for law firms and lawyers, providing you unbeatable marketing strategies. Our full range of services from website design & development and search engine optimization to social media advertising and copywriting can help you get in front of potential clients who are looking for you.

Kurv Marketing Packages

Service The Constitution Package The Provision Package The Disclaimer Package
Service Constitution Provision Disclaimer
Pricing $750/mo $1,500/mo $3,000/mo
Social Media Content Creation
Content Writing
Landing Page Design & Development
Conversion Optimization
Facebook Advertising
Content Boosting
Local SEO
Website Design & Development

Beautiful websites are important so you can provide impeccable first impressions

Google Advertising

Targeted keywords make it so when your potential clients are searching, you’re easy to find


Take advantage of search engine optimization so your law firm becomes top of mind

Social Media

Reach more clients online and become known as the trusted lawyer in your area with targeted social media advertising


Research-driven blogs help improve your SEO and prove that you’re an expert in the field


Stay top of mind with powerful drip campaigns that entice your audience to click

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Your potential clients

Are searching the internet

When someone is in need of a lawyer, the first place they turn to is the internet. With our expertly crafted Google Ad campaigns we make sure you are always top of mind for potential clients on the number 1 used search engine in the world.
Grow your client base

With custom social media ads

Social media ads are powerful tools that can help your law firm gain the recognition you deserve on platforms your clients are spending time on. Take advantage of our custom strategies built specifically for your firm so you can acquire more high-quality clients.
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Turn clicks

Into high-value leads

Search engine optimization is key to being found across the web quickly so you can reach as many potential clients as possible. We create highly-targeted campaigns and get your law firm in front of the type of clients you want, so your clicks can turn into high-value leads.
People are searching for lawyers

Bring those potential clients right to you

You’re good at what you do. Leverage that and turn it into powerful digital marketing campaigns to attract potential clients and take your law firm to the next level. With our custom services, we provide unbeatable strategies so you can stand out in the digital world.
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